Terms and Conditions 
Slide out Shelves LLC warrants to the original buyer, that the shelves are free from defects for as long as you own the home. 
This warranty covers the slide out shelves only and does not cover labor or service charges including mileage.  
If our made to fit slide out shelves fail during normal use Slide Out Shelves LLC will at our option repair, replace, or refund the original price of any defective shelf. 
Standard installation along with optional installation such as rear sockets carry no warranty due to the nature of a movable sliding product that can have torque and stress loads. 
 Slide Out Shelves LLC can not be responsible for damage to contents of the shelves or any other damage that may occur due to improper use, overloading or other failures.  If Slide Out Shelves LLC modifies the existing cabinets to install shelves such as cutting of stiles or “false rail”, buyer understands that the changes will be permanent and the cabinet’s appearance and performance may be different after such modifications. We do not recommend cutting center stile and cannot be responsible for any damages resulting from doing said 
conversion at customer’s request 
Accessories may be covered by the manufacturer of said product, and should be addressed to the said manufacturer.  
Slide Out Shelves LLC reserves the right to alter or add onto any approved estimate that requires additional time or work due to worksite not clear and available or additional labor such as readjusting existing shelves to accommodate the slide out shelves inside of existing cabinetry.  
Slide Out Shelves LLC requires the homeowner (buyer) to have all goods removed from any cabinet being installed in prior to arrival of installer,  and any adjustable shelving must be located in the location that buyer desires slide out shelves to be installed prior to arrival. Buyer agrees to pay upon demand any additional labor or service charge required due to failure of said terms. 
  All work will be performed in a professional manner. All products are either custom made or special order and are not subject to cancellation. Warranty limitations are subject to change     
All inquires should be addressed to: 
Slide Out Shelves LLC 
2675 N State Route 89 
Chino Valley, AZ 86323 
Slide Out Shelves LLC is a Licensed Contractor in the State Of Arizona Registrar of Contractors License #224942 
Returned checks are subject to a $25.00 handling fee plus any penalties levied by financial institutions. In lieu of intent to lien notice the customer agrees that all finances will be paid as 50% down and remaining balance upon installation of product and on demand. All payments will be honored upon presentation and the customer will not stop payment or present any insufficient fund payments and understands that the contractor is entitled to twice the amount of said instrument plus time and court costs if these instances should occur. Credit Cards are subject to an additional 3%  convenience charge